Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008

When it comes to religion, I lean towards Pavlovianism.
That guy really had some bizarre ideas about sal'vation.

Top of the Heap: 10 Weird Websites You Should Know About

Tattoos for the Elderly

Fencing for the Elderly

Driving somewhere and need someone to share the cost, or looking to hitch a ride? Check out PickupPal (Thanks, Ron!)

I've given a commencement speech before, but it was NOTHING like the Funniest College Commencement Speeches (with video goodness!)

20 Movie Sequels We're Still Waiting For

Here's another one, Ruby - Supercook: recipes you can make right now with the ingredients you have available

The best places on Earth to see the Northern Lights

The most amazing dancing you will ever see

"Tunnel" links New York to London

This is the Internet(s): 5 Cats That Look Like Wilford Brimley

Lost your manuals, quick reference cards, and the like for your old games? Fear not! Replacement Docs is here!

Convert boring units of measurement into real objects as you type

Have you ever wondered how sword swallowers swallow swords? Me neither.

PDF document of "Fundamental Documents, Symbols, and Anthems of the United States." Very cool

Sort of a cross between the "it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time" and "I-want-me-one-of-these" departments

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 21, 2008

Man, it never fails: Whenever I try to get romantic
with a woman, I always start crying uncontrollably.
I guess pepper spray will do that to ya.

Top of the Heap: Creative advertising - great ideas

Fascinating World Clock

7 Hotels With the Most Bizarre Stuff (I've stayed at one of these... guess which one)

Guide to the 25 Strangest Collections on the Web

Here's an evil prank...

The ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog of Acme Products (as in Wile E. Coyote, Roadrunner, et al)

Something I don't particularly need, but you might - 17 drug-free ways to stay awake

On Sunday, the Phoenix Probe will (attempt to) land on the North Pole of Mars. Check out this video - "Seven Minutes of Terror"

100 Must-Read Books (for dudes) - The Essential Man's Library

From HS bud Liz, The Lair of the Crab - A Load of Stuff That Will Probably Crush Your Will to Live

Could come in handy someday... 9 Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches

Free Music! 22 Websites That Are Driving Daggers Into the Heart of the RIAA

10 Cool Productivity Websites

Weight loss SUNGLASSES?

"It's conceivable that, when I turn the machine on, I start getting messages from the future"

Whose face is on the nickel? You might be surprised!

Exercise your brain with Mentat Wiki

50 Amazingly Helpful Time Tested Tips For the Kitchen

The "Amen" article of the week: What the Hell is the Point of Facebook?

A bit odd - Cartoons in Real Life

Handicapping odds on the Final Cylon (if you have to ask, don't bother with this one)

Kudos to Linda for sending in this Earthquake Quiz (I scored 70%)

In the "Why-didn't-I-think-of-that" category: the Urinal Video Game!

Start Page Showdown (Dunno - SHOC must've been #6)

Incredibly cool animated optical illusion

Improve your typing skills with this fun typing game

60 Photography Links That You Can't Live Without

5 Things You (probably) Didn't Know About "South Park"

Exclusive Secret Common Sense Facts About Everyday Life

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 14, 2008

A riot broke out at our local Renaissance Faire this past
weekend. Things got pretty ugly, but luckily the authorities
were able to intervene before anyone could start luting.

Top of the Heap: Major announcement today (1pm EDT) from NASA. I wonder what it is? Hope it's not a cookbook...

Seven cool beer gadgets

Some new ones I haven't tried yet... 8 Top Alternative Search Engines

10 Mind Myths

13 More Things Your Auto Mechanic Won't Tell You

Barack Hussein Obama (thanks and a tip O'the hat to IHS pal, Susie)

New Coins (courtesy of Rabbi Cohen)

75 Skills Every Man Should Master

This is pretty cool - convert your web page (or any web page) into a .pdf

Online video guide - could be useful

Yup, Reno is farther west than Los Angeles. Here are 20 other odd geographical facts that might surprise you

Laid off? The one thing you absolutely need to do on the first day

Bored? Here are 5 Excellent Ways to Waste Time Online

Here's a fun way to waste a few minutes... string spin toy

The Top 25 Most Visited Tourist Destinations in America

Well now I don't feel so bad - Celebrity Imperfections Exposed

Cell Phone Secrets: Getting the Most Out of Your Phone

Actually, I might try this - How to Create Invisible Shelves

Okay, I promised myself I wasn't going to go here, but this is too good to pass up - Things Younger Than John McCain

"Quid latine dictum sit, altum viditur" ("Everything said in Latin sounds profound") Handy Latin Phrases

Jon Stewart (again) shows how interviews should be done

Does this girl ever close her mouth?

50 Most Popular Genealogical Sites of 2008

"So, this woman walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a double entendre. So he gave it to her" (instant rimshot!)

The unofficial guide to the DMV

All the epic fail you can handle in one spot

How's this to brighten up your Wednesday? - What your home will be worth next year

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7, 2008

I wonder why Mexico makes such a big
deal about Cinco de Mayo. I mean,
who *hasn't* defeated the French?

This looks like it could be fun - the world's first motored unicycle

77 Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomenon

Truer words... Facebook in Real Life

How to build your own Iron Man suit

7 Common Cooking Mistakes,22304,1730751,00.html

"I had this idea that I was going to rope a deer..." (that's ROPE a deer, pervs)

Action-Movie Posters of Really Inappropriate Franchises (thanks, Solomon!)

Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and Avengers Release Dates

14 Differences Between America and Australia You Need to Know Before Hopping on That Plane

So, you walked out of Iron Man before the after-the-credits scene? Here's an alternative to seeing it again or killing yourself

Wow. Just wow.

Hundreds of free online games at

A comparison of U.S. home prices (my, my... Topeka is looking pretty cool...)