Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March 28, 2012

You might wonder what causes "Stockholm 
Syndrome," but it makes perfect sense if you've
been kidnapped by some hot Swedish terrorists.

Top of the Heap:   NASA releases pictures of the Entire Universe  (the large version is here)

The History of Life, the Universe, and Everything - Visualized

The Aging of a Rock Star

Forget what you learned in Driver's Ed.  You're Driving All Wrong

High-resolution pictures showing the wreckage of the Titanic at the ocean floor, 100 years later.

For Luis: 
a mathematical algorithm designed to find Waldo

10 Banned Apps You Missed Out On

Addictive Game of the Week:  Space Is Key

7 Pieces of Sci-Fi Memorabilia You Can Actually Own

What hypnosis really does to your brain

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 21, 2012

   I used to try to gain weight on purpose. In retrospect,
   it's easy to see now how that was a mistake, but at the
   time... well, did you know humans can't  hibernate?

Top of the Heap:   The 50 Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

66 websites that will save you money

12 of the
Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

Track me if you can - How to Disappear

19 Outstanding Words You Should Be Working Into Conversation

How old are you, really?  Find out with the
Birthday Calculator

13 Easy Science Projects You Can Do With Household Items

6 Horrific Implications of the Harry Potter Universe

40 Things You Didn't Know About The Godfather (Thanks, Timmy!)

Researchers capture first-ever images of atoms moving inside a molecule

A roller coaster that will leave you weightless for eight long seconds!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14, 2012

   It occurs to me that someone should introduce that 
   woman from "Killing Me Softly." who thinks the guy
   is singing about her, to that guy from "You're So Vain."

Top of the Heap:   Gamers will like this one - the amazing Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator (Thanks, Jack!)

Today is Pi Day (3.14... get it?), and here's how to celebrate

Incredible pictures from the Civil War (or, to my Southern cousins, the War of Northern Aggression.  Which we WON, by the way) (Thanks, Kevin!)

According to the Lifespan Calculator, I died two years ago.  (Thanks, Debb!)

Cursor Thief
(move your little pointy thingy over his head)

Can a bag of water be a fly repellant?  (Dunno, but I'm going to give it a try...)

6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying

10 Unusual and Strange Facts About Australia

The Beatles "Abbey Road" Photo Shoot Outtakes

A selection of the weirdest political endorsements by musicians

It's almost St. Patrick's Day, so here's how to draw a leprechaun cartoon

Live Penguin Cam from the San Diego Zoo (now through April)

The Top 10 Online Scams of 2011

TV stars explain the Official Rules of Spoilers

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012

   Few things are as underappreciated as nose hair.  
   Not only does it filter out germs and other things 
   that cause respiratory ailments, but I've also found 
   that having an abundance of it has drastically reduced 
   my chances of catching a sexually transmitted disease.

Top of the Heap:   The Artistifier takes any YouTube video and makes it into a black-and-white silent film with period music

11 Celebrity Interviews Gone Horribly Bad

A recipe for ice cubes. Be sure to check the reviews

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This looks fun - PDF templates (and STICKERS!) for paper airplanes

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