Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28, 2011

                I'm not sure if it's my singing voice, choice of music, 
  or what, but my new "Singing Mammogram" business 
  hasn't been nearly as successful as I'd hoped.

Top of the Heap:  Lives Within a Drop of Water. Awesome images from Nikon's Small World microphotography competition.

Another Top of the Heap:  Apple set to unveil iPhone 5 on October 4th

Y'ever wonder if you were to leap off a sixth-story building, how much bubble wrap would be required to survive? Me neither.

6 Parodies That Succeeded Because Nobody Got the Joke

The Top 10 Books Lost to Time

Invisible Cat Activities Made Visible

7 Common Survival Tactics (That Will Get You Killed)

102 Doritos Flavors from Around the World

Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof comes clean, says the writers were making stuff up as they went along

The 15 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2012 Nominees.

End of an Era: Loveable curmudgeon Andy Rooney makes his last regular appearance on 60 Minutes this coming Sunday.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21, 2011

                Whenever people say, "If you're going to move to a new
  country, learn the language!" I just stay quiet.  I would say 
  something, but I don't know the Cherokee word for "irony."

Top of the Heap:  A Letter To My Brand New Teenager. Advice all 13-year-olds should get

Photos from the International Space Station were stitched together to create a video tour of the earth.

6 Movie Plot Holes You Never Noticed Thanks to Editing

Ever wonder what might happen if you hooked up a camera onto a helicopter rotor?  Me neither.

5 Things (Y)Our Kids Won't Have in School

Okay, this is bizarre... iPhone cases that look like ears

5 Foods To Try If You Ever Win the Lottery

6 Famous Firsts You learned In History Class (That Are Total B.S,)

You know that Spinning Dancer optical illusion?  Here's how to see it move in both directions

Looking for the best airfares?  airfarewatchdog and farecompare can get you started (Thanks, Melody!)

In the "I-gotta-get-me-some-of-these" department:  Retro Muppet Concert Posters

No comment necessary.  Just two dogs dining.  (Thanks, Kevin!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011

              I'm all for America welcoming poor and
             huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
              But why would we want *tired* people?

Top of the Heap:  Watch every episode of every season of "Whose Line Is It" online for free (US *and* UK!)

5 Bits of Advice That Don't Make Sense Until It's Too Late

(May be a repost, but it's still cool) Interactive Map of the Solar System

8 Essential Bacon Hacks

The 30 Biggest (Next) Summer Movies

Don't trust your hotel room safe

The Availability of Marijuana Across the 48 Contiguous States

Ten Formal Complaints in Six Months

10 Insulting Words You Should Know (sadly, "asswipe" is not on the list)

I wish my math teachers had shown me this...  a great illustration of pi

7 Famous "Unsolved" Mysteries (Science Solved Years Ago)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September 7, 2011

                 Man, you'd think that after all he's done
               for his country, Captain America would've
                been promoted to a higher rank by now.

Top of the Heap:  I'd probably end up breaking something, but I'd still like to try Trampoline Dodgeball (Thanks, Will!)

Another Top of the Heap:  The Most Efficient Way To Do... Everything

Take the bread out of the refrigerator, Maynard... it goes stale 6 times faster than at room temperature

Is the Universe a holographic reality?  Okay, my brain just asploded...

You ever wonder what the middle pedal on a piano is for?  Me neither.

5 Embarrassing Failures History Class Turned Into Victories

Wow.  Art With Salt.  Just Wow  (Thanks, Kevin!)

The entire Internet goes 404

Bill Cosby is a PhD. He should know the importance of using commas.

Listen to old-time radio programs online, for free

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Time

After just returning from China I can confirm that, yes, there IS a Chinese version of "The Big Bang Theory"

The difference between a boatload, a buttload and a sh*tload

The Top 5 Weirdest Travel Gadgets

Everything you ever wanted to know about barbed wire

The Gawkers Gide to Fall Television Programs and Fall Movies

The 8 Most Badass Make-A-Wish Foundation Wishes

10 Buttons Facebook Needs

Wow.  Professor McGonagall was a hottie AND a badass back in 1969!