Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 29, 2010

Okay, I think I’ve figured it out: They sell honey in a
container shaped like a bear because no one would
buy it in a container shaped like a bee's ass.

Top of the Heap: Just in case you party a little too much on Friday night - here are some hangover remedies (you're welcome)

The Top 20 Comedy Movies of 2011

15 Guides That Really Teach You Useful Stuff

15 More Guides That Really Teach You Useful Stuff

The Words of the Year

All things Space at Encyclopedia Astronautica

10 Android Apps to Keep You Fit and Healthy

A Guide to Free Kindle Books

Top 100 Free Audio Books

Find out what the 2011 Tax Cut will be worth to you with this Tax Cut Calculator

The Geek Alphabet. You know who you are.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22, 2010

A couple hundred years from now, when they're teaching students
about me, they'll probably call this my Website Wednesday period.

Top of the Heap:
Happy birthday, Eldest Unmarried Son William! Wow. It seems like only yesterday you were 16.99726027!

Human progress over the last 200 years (Thanks, Kevin!)

Every space mission from the last 50 years on one map

Mapping America - the results of the 2010 Census, city by city, block by block

Apparently, Pluto isn't the only Mickey Mouse Planet out there. Depending on how you define a "dwarf planet," there may be hundreds

If Every Movie Got a Straight-to-DVD Sequel

Here's a fun game: Test Your Stupid Skills

Word Lens - a cool iPhone app

The dumbest tattoos of all time

Six Scientific Reasons Your Girlfriend's Father Hates You

Yes They Did - Barack Obama Comic Books


Search dozens of U.S. government databases with one search box at MetaLib

Mathway: the Online Math Problem Solver

And, some stuff for Crimmus...

13 Things You Didn't Know About Christmas Traditions

BFF Donna and I are going to Club 33 today (with the Bardgal and Tommy), so here's a few facts about Christmas at Disneyland

6 Controversial Christmas Carols

Christmas Trivia

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 15, 2010

I'm really glad neither of my parents had a sister named Christ, because
I'm thinkin' it would've been pretty scary to give Auntie Christ a hug.

Top of the Heap: Most Popular Top 10's of 2010

Addicting Game of the Week - Entanglement

10 Valuable Coins That Could Be in Your Pocket Right Now (but probably aren't)

Stars so weird they make black holes look boring

The 22 Dumbest Things People Do on Facebook

This is what happens when you get tired of your job as a copywriter

A life-sized picture of a Blue Whale. No kidding.

Tips For Finding a Good Mechanic Who Won't Break the Bank

Calling Dan Brown! Hidden code discovered in Mona Lisa painting!

Google Zeitgeist 2010 - How the world searched

How to Hate the Beatles

6 Essential Android Apps for Business Travel

Related: 100+ Essential Android Apps and Tips

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8, 2010

I've started a new business, delivering hot drinks straight to the customer.
However, I've been advised to change the name of the business.
Apparently people will be put off by the links to crappy service and
reliability problems. It's a shame, too. I thought Tea-Mobile had a nice ring to it.

Top of the Heap: 10 Really Cool DIY Gadgets That Will Take You No More Than 5 Minutes

Especially for Jack: Inception in Real Time

Christmas on TV: 1,010 Holiday Specials, Episodes, Movies and Marathons for December 2010

Here they are: WikiLeaks mirror sites

In this week's "I-want-me-one-of-these" department - a flying car (Thanks, Kevin!)

The 5 Nominees for Best Mobile App

Flight and Expulsion - and interesting, interactive infographic

Words cannot express the weirdness of True American Dog

Massive collection of behind-the-scenes pics from Star Trek

The 12 Scams of Christmas

The complete list of Grammy nominees

Lie to Me: Phrases that announce "I'm lying"

Good Witch Glinda: the Greatest Movie Villain Ever

Fake iPhone Text Generator

The Best Space Pictures of 2010

Pick the Perp (hint: pretty near impossible)

For the Calvin Connoisseur: Rare Bill Waterson Art

5 iPhone Apps For Avoiding International Business Faux Pas

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 24, 2010

I'm thankful that I'm me and not my creditors...

Top of the Heap: The day after tomorrow: All the Black Friday deals on one site

Another Top of the Heap: And, the Ultimate Black Friday Cheat Sheet

What's the Most Dangerous City in America? (Hint: It's just one arch away from a copyright infringement)

Tattoo stats

London 80 Gigapixels: The largest 360° Panorama in the world (as of November 2010)

Things You Learned In School That Are Just Plain Wrong

Ten Favorite iPhone Apps

Top Five Free Android Apps

Something MY boys know about: The 10 Kinds of People You Encounter on Xbox Live

Save the Words

The Paranoid's Guide to Facebook

7 Must-Have Security Apps for Mac

The Most Badass Alphabet EVER!

List of eBook readers

Related: webstes for downloading free eBooks

The Winners of the National Geographic's Photograph Contest, 2010

Tips for Traveling Lighter

The Worst Toys of 2010

See what new movies, games, books and music come out every week at When It Drops

Turkey Day Stuff:

Manly Ways to Prepare Turkey

This. Changes. Everything. The Incredible Bacon Pumpkin Pie

Stupid Questions That People Ask the Butterball Hotline

Thanksgiving Myths

And, finally... what we ALL need - How to Eat More at Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17, 2010

I could sense my date's frustration with the fact that
I insist on chewing each bite of food 23 times. Well,
maybe if she stopped talking so much and let me
concentrate, I wouldn't have to count out loud.

Top of the Heap: This. Changes. EVERYTHING. Effervescent Bacon Tablets!

The 50 Best Inventions of 2010,29569,2029497,00.html

The Israelification of Airports - interesting article

12 Fun Hacks for Getting More Out of YouTube

Five Great Pies for Thanksgiving

Incredibly cool Astronomy-based website

Free issue of Sport Diver Magazine

Creepy-Product-of-the-Week: The eTomb

The Mythologies Behind Harry Potter

Five Things You Love to Discuss That Nobody Else Cares About

5 Ways Stores Use Science to Trick You Into Buying Crap

298 Holiday Specials, Episodes, Movies and Marathons for Thanksgiving 2010

The Top 100 Pet Peeves of Servers (Part 1 and Part 2)

The smallest legible computer font

The Earth and the Moon

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 10, 2011

I just got one of those crazy 5-blade razors. Apparently,
the way it works, the first blade lifts the hair. The second
blade cuts the hair. The third blade cuts it again! The fourth
blade is a real sneaky bastard who waits for the hair to
relax and then cuts it again! Then the fifth blade goes
to the hair's house and beats the crap out of its mother.

Top of the Heap: 20 Biggest New Movies of 2011

Google partners with certain airlines to offer free WiFi during the holidays

The Easiest Way to Skip Ahead in YouTube Videos

Addicting Game of the Week: The Game You Can't Stop

Apparently, more and more colleges are becoming increasingly SAT-free

Draw on any webpage with MarkUp

The 100 Best Signs at the Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear in Washington

Features We'd Really Like to See in All Cars

A billboard that advertises nothing but clean air

10 Songs That Sound Like They're About Women (But Aren't)

The Facts Behind 15 Black Friday Myths

9 Coolest Web Apps You Might Not Know About (But Should)

Rate a book with the Page 99 Test (requires registration)

Harry Potter-type Invisibility Cloak Closer To Reality With New “Metamaterial”

Creative Billboards

Power Tips and Tools for Gmail

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 27, 2010 (The Halloween Edition)

Some people call me a space cowboy. Some call me the gangster of love.
Something tells me this year's Halloween costume still needs a little work.

10 Best Haunted Houses

9 Spooky Halloween Treats

13 Best Geeky Halloween Costumes

Related: 20 Brilliant Halloween Costume Ideas

And... Websites to Help Inspire and Make the Best Halloween Costumes

Scientific Reasons to Believe in Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies

A Comparison of Vampire Traits


9 Halloween Pumpkin Projects

16 Worst Halloween Candies

A Guide to Candy Corn

The Creepiest Places on Earth

The Creepiest Dolls and Toys, EVER

Halloween Cakes

Some more outrageous pumpkin carving tutorials

Shadowlands - a state by state, country by country index of haunted places (Thanks, Paul)

Halloween Cocktails

The Big List of Halloween Videos

October 27, 2010

As a general rule this Halloween, try not
to solve riddles that open portals to Hell.

Top of the Heap:
Learn Sarver Heart Center's Continuous Chest Compression CPR

Visual Aid for the Deep Mine Rescue in Chile (wow)

6 Death Defying Stunts (That Are Secretly Easy to Do)

A Flowchart to Determine Which Party You Will Vote For in the Next Election

The Rubix Fix - for when you REALLY have too much time on your hands

Bimbo #5 Mash Up from my good friend Tim (“I-taught-him-everything-he-knows”) Hunter

The International Space Station Comes Together (Thanks, Billy!)

How to Type in Your Own Handwriting on Your Computer

6 Sites That Help You Create Your Own Bucket List

Guide to the Top Movies of 2011

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20, 2010

I was having a good laugh mocking that guy
at the biker bar about his cheesy barbed wire
tattoo -- until I realized it wasn't a tattoo.

Top of the Heap:
Improv Everywhere's 8 Geekiest Stunts

The 7 Most Ridiculously Awesome Numbers Between 1 and 10

13 Things Your Flight Attendant Won't Tell You (but should)

A-a-a-a-and - 50 Secrets Your Pilots Won't Tell You

The science of optical illusions

The 7 Most Useless Skymall Products

8 Bacon Recipes!

Looking for that last-minute Halloween costume? Make a Rocketeer backpack from your recycle bin!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 13, 2010

I met a woman last night who changed my life
forever. I mean, this girl stopped me dead
in my tracks and totally knocked me off my feet.
In fact, she had me at "Halt! Police!"

Top of the Heap: Addicting Game of the Week - Flabby Physics

20 Awesomely Untranslatable Non-English Words

10 Helpful Resources on the Basics for the Computer Illiterate

The Worst Beer(s) in the World

The One Number to Beat if You Want to Retire Early

6 Doctor Recommended Sleep Aids

Enter your annual income to see where you rank on the global rich list

20 Amazing Facts About Twins

The Science of Romance: Why We Flirt,9171,1704684,00.html

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 6, 2010

It's a good thing Chad Ochocinco changed his
name before releasing a breakfast cereal.
I sure wouldn't let my kids tuck into a
milk-drenched bowl of Munchy Crunchy Johnsons.

Top of the Heap: Want to kill some time and vaporize pretty much any web page you'd like? Use Asteroids!

Simulate playing the same Lottery numbers twice a week for a year or 10. (Hint: you’ll never win)

Check out the monthly Evening Sky Map to easily locate stars and planets above you

Your guide to pretty much all of the Halloween-themed television movie marathons, episodes and specials

Addicting Game of the Week: Bubble Shooter

A single sheet of paper

Excerpts from the 1913 book "700 Things Boys Can Do"

Ten Horrifying Display Ad Placements

The best sites for beginning iPhone users

All the information you ever wanted on religions is at The Association of Religion Data Archives

Hear snippets from hundreds of different accents at the Speech Accent Archive

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29, 2010

That sensitivity-in-the-workplace seminar my boss made me attend would have been a total bore had the instructor not possessed such absolutely enormous hooters.

Top of the Heap:
The "Lie to Me" Lie Detection Tests

Ten things that aren't free - but should be (and how to get them for free anyway)

See all new stuff from Google in one place at Google New

See if you can jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with this iPhone and iTouch Jailbreak/Unlock Matrix

10 Dead Simple Gmail Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

Great idea - a Bicycle Monorail

Addicting (and frustrating) Game of the Week - Bloxorz

Everything you wanted to know about the amenities in around hundreds of airports is at Airport Guides

10 Words That Can't Be Translated Into English

Enter several address and Route4Me will find the best route to hit them all. Seems great for a bunch of errands

10 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (I used to have #6)

Have an aquarium? Check out FishProfiles for tons of info on fish and aquaria and the care of both

5 Absurd (But Mind Blowing) Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010

I like to think of myself as a do-it-yourselfer.
Not a do-it-MYselfer; a do-it-YOUR-selfer.

Top of the Heap: Around the Solar System

Wanna buy a Stargate?

Firefly Star Jewel Staite Reveals How the Show Should Have Ended

Bill Murray turned 60 yesterday. Celebrate with 60 Bill Murray Facts

6 New Spy Technologies You Literally Can't Hide From

Airport Security Checkpoint Wait Times

10 Reasons Why Everybody Hates Kanye West (some NSFW language)

Pluto (recently downgraded to a Mickey Mouse Planet) has 14 new neighbors

A stunning 3-minute animation of life inside a cell (action starts around 6:50)

First complete topographic map of the moon

7 Features Facebook Should Integrate Into Its Next-Gen Product

10 Coolest Mac OS X Apps You Might Not Know About

Search the archives of Ask a Scientist to find neat science info

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15, 2010

Proposal for resolving the "paper defeats rock" controversy:
Eliminate paper, rock and scissors altogether, and replace
them with the following more realistic hierarchy: intercontinental
ballistic missile -– pellet gun -– mouse chewing on power cord.

Top of the Heap: The Next 5 Years in Social Media

Classes Every College Student Dreads

Search for specific colleges to see how solid their curriculum is at What Will They Learn?

Seven Sites to Help Students Choose and Apply to Colleges

In the "Why-the-Hell-didn't-I-Think-Of-That-First" department - 10 Bizarre Business Ideas that Made Millionaires

Pick a year and let the YouTube Time Machine take you down memory lane

Listen to nature sounds around the world at the Wild Sanctuary map

Will There Be Klingons? Director J.J. Abrams and Writers Talk Star Trek 2

Find everything you wanted to know about playing cards at (aptly named) World of Playing Cards

5 Annoying Trends That Make Every Movie Look the Same

Listen to full music albums before you buy them with MusicLink

Nicholas Cage as EVERYONE!

13 chefs' secrets for the perfect breakfast

Compose your own Blues song (sorta)

The Top 8 Unanswered Questions in Television

Saturday Night Live: The Board Game

11 Artists Who Wouldn't Give Weird All Permission For a Parody

Six Fictional Stories You Were Taught in History Class

When Food Attacks! (Thanks, Ken!)

25 Best Nutrition Secrets (What?? Nothing about bacon?)

Interactive Map of Middle Earth,4.9648438,-0.8183594,-1.9824219,l,

Scientists teach robots how to trick humans. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8, 2010

My life kind of resembles Forrest Gump's life,
except that I haven't met any famous people, struck
it rich or had any major accomplishments.
I guess all I'm saying is that I, too, once drank
so much Dr. Pepper that I had to pee really bad.

Top of the Heap: A free tool to play nature sounds for reading, meditating or just having fun

Hysterical Stand-Up Rabbi (Thanks, George!)

It's getting close to that time - here are the voter registration deadlines for all 50 states

Interesting: Arthur C. Clarke predicting the future in 1964

The Biology of Getting Drunk

5 Mind Blowing Ways Your Memory Plays Tricks on You

Treat Your Fingers to the Best of Both Worlds with a Modded USB Typewriter

What happened in your birth year? (In MINE? Let's see... fire was invented, the earth started cooling...)

Create your own newspaper

If you're a Trekkie/Trekker with an hour to kill, check out this HILARIOUS two-part review of Star Trek (WARNING: some NSFW language) (part one) (part 2)

The Top 10 Facebook Pages

20 Experiences to Have Before You Die

Tips for Finding the Best Airfare Deals Online

Release your inner artist

Websites We Can't Believe Actually Exist

Entertaining 404 Error Pages

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010

This little piggy est allé au supermarche.
This little piggy se repose a la maison.
This little piggy mange le roti du boeuf.
This little piggy ne mange rien.
And this little piggy went
"Oui! Oui! Oui!" all the way home!

Top of the Heap: Time Magazine's 50 Best Websites of 2010 (as usual, Skip's House of Chaos must've been #51. Again.),29569,2012721,00.html

Another Top of the Heap:
Ten Clips of Jon Stewart Destroying Fox News

Tips on Tipping Everyone from Your Pizza Guy to Your Sherpa

Never warp your brain with Time Zone math again

Hate her (or his) guts? Say it with dead flowers

Fried Beer. That is all. God bless America

Expedition Titanic is a free website that lets you explore and watch Titanic wreckage footage entirely through your web browser

The 6 Coolest Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants (Thanky, Tally)

Incredible scale model of the Solar System

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25, 2010

As an inventory control analyst, I'm intrigued
by one question: Does Coldwater Creek have
an above-average problem with shrinkage?

Top of the Heap: In the "I-NEED-me-one-of-these" department: the Submarine Shark! (Thanks, Debb!)

24 Things You Might Be Saying Wrong

The Best Boardwalk Foods in the USA

25 Awesome, Futuristic Motorcycles

3 Reasons Why the "Ground Zero Mosque" Debate Makes No Sense

What Your Face Reveals About Your Health

6 Movie Plots That Could Have Been Solved in Minutes

How to Tell When Your Boss is Lying (it's not just when his lips are moving)

The Top 10 Facebook Fixes

A little strapped for cash, are we? Here's How to Find Unclaimed Money and Property

Your Complete Guide to Cheap College Textbooks

50 really useful Android tips and tricks

Related: Six Ways to Type Faster in Android

A-a-a-and.... 10+ Invaluable Android Apps for Back-to-Schoolers

Here's more! 5 Must Have Back-to-School Apps for your Computer and Smartphone

The World's Worst Powerpoint Presentations

The Top 10 Extreme Sport Jumps (Thanks, Billy!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010

Everyone was pretty stoked when we announced
we were getting the band back together, but the
next task was figuring out who had a garage
big enough for the 76 of us to march in.

Top of the Heap:
Need to save your seat? Try Fake Spilled Food

The Top 12 Vegan-Friendly Cities ("Are you a vegetarian because you love animals or because you hate plants?")

What terrible business jargon do you need unsucked? Try Unsuck It

The Ultimate Fart Soundboard

Like reading? Check out What Should I Read Next?

This week's Cool Online Clock

10 Ways to Live Frugally at College

In defense of Steven Slater (Thanks, Jack!)

13 Tips for Selling Your Home

The Dos and Don'ts of Dealing With Your In-Laws

In honor of Shark Week (well, a week late... but still) - Shark Facts

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 11, 2010

Fries, toast, vanilla, kisses and ticklers.
I don't care what anybody else says, the French ROCK.

Top of the Heap:
This girl is awesome. SOMEBODY hire her! (Thanks, Debb!)

Top of the Heap #2: The Best Craigslist Ad, EVER (warning, a little NSFW) (Tip o'the hat to the Bardgal for this one)

Skip's Rule #236: Everything tastes better on a stick. Even pizza

Suck on THIS, vegans: Switching to a meat-based diet helped early humans grow big, strong brains.

Seven DIFFERENT 7 Wonders of the World

Incredibly cool - photos from the past superimposed onto photos from the present.

10 Reasons to Go to a Small College

6 Evil Corporations in Movies (With Terrible Business Plans)

Princeton Review's Top 10 Party Colleges

A tour of Graceland

The Seven Most Inaccurate Movie Sound Effects

5 Things You Should Check Before Disposing of Old Computers

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 28, 2010

If you're ever involved in a big sword fight
against people who are missing an arm, don't
kill too many of them, 'cause you never know
when you might have to switch over to their side.

Skipnote: This weekend starts the second of my summer vacation breaks with my sons. We'll resume Website Wednesday in a couple of weeks. Don't cry. Get up from behind that computer. Go outside. Meet people. It'll be good for you.

Top of the Heap: 15 Awesome Gadgets That Could Save Your Life In A Crash

The 10 Biggest Stories of Comic-Con 2010

Easy Tips for Taking Photos That Don't Require Photoshop Fixes

10 Fascinating Facebook Facts

10 Things Every Parent Should Do to Help Their College-Bound Kid

Home Remedies from Around the World

Along that same line - New Uses for Old Things

The World's Weirdest Shoes

Top 10 Urban Legends Debunked

Words That Need to be Banned from the English Language

Android phones are becoming more and more popular. Here are 10 essential free games you can download

And, along that same line, here's PC World's Must Have Android Entertainment Apps

The Start-to-Finish Guide to Moving to a New Place

10 More Commonly Believed Medical Myths

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21, 2010

My son says that when he grows up he wants to be
be an Intel engineer in a computer chip fabrication
plant. I told him it might be a good idea to get a
head start by working on his "clean room" technology.

Top of the Heap: Well, here goes the rest of the day... completely pointless sites

Hot gadget preview for the 2010 holiday season

Sarah Palin is this generation’s Shakespeare according to Sarah Palin

Related: Shakespalin

Huge database of Jeopardy clues

10 Ways to Fix Your iPhone Antenna Problem (#9 is my favorite)

For the Squids: Ever feel nostalgic about your Navy service? Here's How to Simulate Being in the Navy

If Movie Titles Were Honest

Visualizing the BP Oil Spill (Thanks, Kevin!)

Related: Create your own instant oil spill on any website

15 Most Memorable Movie Quotes

The Worst Lawyer Commercials on the Web

What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain

Ever wanted to see an MRI of a watermelon? Me neither.

See a map of crime in your area at MyLocalCrime

6 Tips for Getting Your First Tattoo

40 Things You Need to Know About the Next 40 Years

50 Technological Advances Your Children Will Laugh At

For the Old Farts: a Teen Chat Decoder

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

Just as the book says, all I really needed to
know I learned in kindergarten, like sharing,
how to get along with others, the importance
of playing fairly, how to kill silently using
only a piano wire as a garrote... No, wait, that
one I may have learned in Mr. Smedvig's eighth
grade music class, but hey, you get the idea.

Skipnote: I'm heading off on vacation this morning, so the next week will be dark. Try to hide your disappointment.

Top of the Heap: I'm heading off to do my OWN underwater photography this morning, but here's some other beautiful underwater photos

Need a job? Chinese companies "rent" white foreigners!

21 Things You Should Never Buy New

20 Things You Should Never Buy Used

A cool way to park your car

Search beer and beer ratings with Beer Search

Search for ebooks at AvaxHome eBooks Search

Interested in genealogy? Help trace your family tree with this Genealogy Sleuth Search Engine

Need to find a doctor near you? Try the Doctor Finder

Jack will like this one: 7 Most Extreme Roller Coasters

The Best Websites to Have Fun With Your Pics;id=151187

Finally! Something USEFUL! "Untidy Beds May Keep Us Healthy";id=151187

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30, 2010

Who says the real estate market is down?
You wouldn't believe the incredible
deal I got on a beachfront timeshare
condo in Louisiana last week!

Top of the Heap: Why You Should Never Buy an Animal From a Pet Store

Internet Meme Hall of Fame: Flowcharts

Flying Car Gets Go-Ahead From US Air Authorities

Good for a few minutes of distraction - get the balls into orbit (or opposite orbits) with Nuve

The 10 Most Important Things They Didn't Teach You in School

4 Ways to Find Out the Name of That Elusive Song

Steve Martin’s Tour Rider

Keep your car going by following this auto repair maintenance schedule

How to buy video editing software,2817,2365581,00.asp

How to stop your loved ones from texting while driving

The first assembly lines at the Ford Motor Plant (Thanks, Barridawn!)!/skiptucker

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version (Thanks, Bardgal!)

10 ways to find more pleasure every day

Five Real-time Search Engines for You to Try

Google Voice Tricks

Steak-Grilling Myths

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 23, 2010

If *I* owned an airline, I think I'd put another
airline's name and logo on the life vests.

Top of the Heap:
10 Amazing Tricks to Play With Your Brain

Baking Powder vs. Baking Soda

The Tugo. Something ELSE I wish I'd thought of first

5 Ridiculous Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to the Movies)

Cool Zip Code Finder

10 Unforgettable TV Show Intros

Road trip! Here are 10 Wacky Summer Festivals to enjoy

Interactive Map - Where Americans Are Moving

Summer Gadget Guide

6 Time Travel Realities Doc Brown Didn't Warn Us About

Find local events to attend at Eventful

More Android Apps

Toy Story 3 Easter Egg Guide

10 Essential Homemade Survival Items

Ten Things You Can Do With Wolfram Alpha (to make you look like the smartest person in the room)

Ten Tiny and Amazing Mac Apps (you've never heard of)

15 People You Hate Watching Games With

Five Effective DIY Alternatives to Running an Air Conditioner

10 Ways the iPad Will Forever Change Education

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010

I just got this "Road Runner: Raw" DVD and you
would not believe the filthy stuff this bird says
to egg on the coyote. Of course in the standard
censored version all you ever hear is "beep beep."

Top of the Heap:
The White Man's Soul Food: The 37 (or so) Ingredients in a Twinkie

Interactive World Cup 2010 Schedule

22 Fictional Characters Whose Names You (Probably) Don’t Know

10 Far Out Father's Day Gifts

Another 10 Far-Out Father's Day Gifts

Not THAT old chestnut: Man Forced to Marry Cow Faints During Ceremony. Then it gets weird.

An article which includes links to web sites that allow you to comparison shop for health care

Just in time for Summer: The 10 Best Travel Secrets

Related - Top 10 Strategies for Surviving Airports and Airplanes

The Definitive Guide to Finding Free Wi-Fi

You ever wonder whatever happened to the cast of ALF? Me neither.

33 absolute online time-wasters that will eat up your time and spit it out like a carnivorous animal

Steep It - the simplest internet tea timer, ever

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9, 2010

The thing about writing stuff for the Website Wednesday
tagline while sitting on a high-tech toilet is that everyone
knows the exact MMMMMOOOOment the bidet hits you.

Top of the Heap:
Incredibly cool Web Catalog from the Dutch (let it load and watch what happens) (Thanks, Debb!)

Ever wonder what would happen if an Alka Seltzer tablet was added to a ball of water in zero-G? Me neither.

The Top 1000 Visited Sites on the Internets (I'm thinking the House of Chaos must've been number 1001...)

Ah HAH! Take THAT, iPhone elitists (Tally). 10 Things the Android Does Better Than the iPhone

Top 10 Dangerously Addictive Games

The Top 10 Codes You're Not Meant To Know

Weird, Out-of-the-Ordinary Scholarships

Oh, lovely. Just when you thought it was safe to play in the yard... be on the lookout for bottle bombs

Visual Recipes has recipes with step-by-step photos

Want to be in the movies? Here's How to Be an Extra

Something I've been trying to do for YEARS: How to Make the Perfect Omelette

Secrets of Disneyland

How to make Windows leaner, cleaner and faster

See a giant Pacific Octopus on the OctoCam (best viewing at night, since they're nocturnal) (Thanks, Pat!)

Let NASA take your Face into Space

Rid Your Lawn of Cows, Tigers, and Other Unwanted Pests (Thanks, Ken!)

and, finally...

Did Sarah Palin Buy Herself a Couple of Luxury Items?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2, 2010

They say you should never raise your
hand to your children, but how else am I
supposed to request permission to speak?

Top of the Heap:
The 50 Worst Inventions of All Time (Tip O'the Hat to Uncle Mel!),32232,1991915_1991909_1991902,00.html

One More Top of the Heap: Next Tuesday is No Plastic Day - intended to bring awareness of the over-consumption of disposable plastic goods

You'll never be as cool as these 25 Cool Guitars

10 Non-Photoshopped images that will warp your mind

10 Most Bizarre Sounds You've Probably Never Heard

The Japanese plan to have robots build a Moon base - for ROBOTS. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

100 Things You Didn't Know About "The Empire Strikes Back"

The Most Detailed Image of Our Galaxy Ever Taken

Rocket-Powered Motorcycles of the Past, Present and Future (Thanks, Ken!)

Virtual Tour of the Wailing Wall (Thanks, George)

14 Useful Tools For Your Kitchen

Top 10 Most Downloaded Student Tools

Classic Film Guide

Time-Lapse Satellite View of the Growing Oil Spill

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26, 2010

I read today that they're making
a "Planet of the Apes" prequel.
Technically speaking, isn't *every*
film a "Planet of the Apes" prequel?

Top of the Heap:
Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance

For those of you who care: 100 Things We'll Miss About "Lost"

Addicting Game of the Week - Breakout

This is pretty cool - 250 Walt Disney Characters

10 Celebrities You Think Are Dead (but aren't)

10 Futuristic Technologies That Don't Exist (yet)

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