Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31, 2008

There was a movie a couple of years ago called "The Ring"
about a video that kills you if you watch it. If I ever
saw such a video, I'm pretty sure my last words would
be, "It was STILL better than 'The Love Guru!'"

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Back to my old traffic reporter days - some things about traffic that may surprise you

How to make Brits and Aussies Sound American (You know who you are. Maynard.),0,4403795.story


In the "I-gotta-try-this" category: How to Blow Out a Hardboiled Egg

Pretty cool - an automatic text summarizer

10 Web Tools to Save Your Butt in School

Be the master of the all-you-can-eat buffet

10 Flimsy Paranormal Hoaxes Everyone Bought Into

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For us geeks: The Top Infinite Number of Reasons Picard is Better Than Kirk

You know all those old jokes about how bad a singer Yoko Ono was? Have you ever *heard* her sing? (You have been warned)

And, from Jack's Sunday Paper... (subscribe if you haven't)
Reaction Time Trainer

Hue / Saturation

Pretty freaky - a Kaleidoscope Painter

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17, 2008

Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten.
Except what to do with pliers, a blowtorch and fire ants
once Peter Stewart, the school bully, was hog-tied in the
boiler room. *That* I didn't learn until the second grade.

Top of the Heap: The Top 10 of Everything for 2008

Share this with anyone who wants to smile today

In this week's "I-wan't-me-one-of-these" department...

The Eyeballing Game (I got a 6.17)

An emotional farewell, he gets up to leave and... wait... did I just SEE that?

Deck us all with Boston Charlie

Every flight on Earth in 72 seconds

The Plagiarism Checker

Well, FINALLY.;_ylt=AssY19u1Vr2AaRuXcwrrobIPLBIF

The Future of Our World - a small glimpse into the timeline of epic scale (or not...)

The Top 40 Travel Songs of All Time (with video goodness!)

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This guy is so bad he's hysterical - the World's Worst Comedian

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 12, 2009

Personally, I think Nature should learn
to be a little more tolerant of vacuums.

Top of the Heap:
Sine Wave Speech - NOW I understand what R2D2 was saying!

No, wait - THIS is the Top of the Heap: Bacon Stocking Stuffers!

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Bunnies Suicide

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My son just started his own version of Website Wednesday called "Jack's Sunday Paper"
Here are a few of the postings:
Build your own Solar System
Addicting Game O'the Week - Juggler
Simple Pop-Ups You Can Make

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3, 2008

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance?
Wow! There's *another* thing I didn't know!

Top of the Heap: This is great! A Bacon Advent Calendar! (Mmmmmm, bacon!)

In this week's "I-want-me-one-of-these" category - the Power Nap Capsule! (and it's only $25,000!)

25 AWESOME Ways to Break Bad News

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can finally get into the Christmas scene with 10 Unique Gift Ideas

How to run Christmas lights on your bicycle

10 Terrible Life Lessons From Your Favorite Christmas Movies

Redneck PlayStation (thanks, Debb!)

Probably the funniest "Daily Show" clip, ever - Stewart and Colbert losing it, big time

12 remakes of sci-fi classics in the works

Blahblahfish - English to ___ and back again - see what's lost in the translation (this is fun)

15 very strange ads

Flickr Photo Selection Tool - Very Cool - Select Your Photos by Colors

Strobe light + waterfall = too cool

The MegaPenny Project - a cool way to visualize large numbers

Farting in Public

Total eclipse of the Sun, as seen from 27,000 feet

10 More Super Cool Cell Phone Tips and Tricks

In the "Why-Didn't-I-Think-Of-That" category, Cool Inventions

Blue Beauty

Keyboard for Blondes (Yes, it's real)

No Fear Shakespeare (something Tally's gonna HATE!)

100 Useful Tips and Tools to Research the Deep Web

Frak Yeah! BSG Spinoff "Caprica" Goes to Series

But wait! There's more!
Youngest son Jack decided HE'D get into the Website Wednesday game this week with the following:

First of all, the Addicting Game O'the Week - BUNNIES
Addicting Game O'the Week #2 - people bucket game
Us Debt Clock
conversion tables
stephen hawking as a lego
write rhymes
30 second bunny movie gallery
girl with x-ray eyes
what's it called

And still more...
female logic
Oh, crap
Airline food... what's up with that?
Love is like peeing
Today's media
A photographer's mug
Pictures taken at just the right time
Batman, the Lego
Dog property laws
Tsunami danger zone
10 Cool Secrets About Disneyland
Bottomless Pit
Awesome meteor
Ironing Man
Lobster Knife Fights
The Bunny