Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31, 2008

There was a movie a couple of years ago called "The Ring"
about a video that kills you if you watch it. If I ever
saw such a video, I'm pretty sure my last words would
be, "It was STILL better than 'The Love Guru!'"

Top of the Heap: Jib-Jab's 2008 Year in Review

The Top 10 Best Top 10 Lists of 2008

50 Things We Know Now (We Didn't Know This Time Last Year), 2008 Edition

The 50 Best Astronomy Pictures of 2008

10 Things That Won't Survive the Recession

2009 Kicks off 365 Days of Astronomy Podcasts

Back to my old traffic reporter days - some things about traffic that may surprise you

How to make Brits and Aussies Sound American (You know who you are. Maynard.),0,4403795.story


In the "I-gotta-try-this" category: How to Blow Out a Hardboiled Egg

Pretty cool - an automatic text summarizer

10 Web Tools to Save Your Butt in School

Be the master of the all-you-can-eat buffet

10 Flimsy Paranormal Hoaxes Everyone Bought Into

I thought *I* had the most fun job in the world. Nope - this guy does

For us geeks: The Top Infinite Number of Reasons Picard is Better Than Kirk

You know all those old jokes about how bad a singer Yoko Ono was? Have you ever *heard* her sing? (You have been warned)

And, from Jack's Sunday Paper... (subscribe if you haven't)
Reaction Time Trainer

Hue / Saturation

Pretty freaky - a Kaleidoscope Painter

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