Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 13, 2008

SKIPNOTE: I'm on vacation (starting today!) until the end of the month, so no Website Wednesdays for the next couple of weeks. I'll be updating the House of Chaos, but even that'll be a little spotty.

It was a little disturbing when I went for a jog
this morning and the vultures started circling.

Top of the Heap: I've seen water fall before, but this is AMAZING

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Ooooo, swirly!

What do McCain and Obama's blogs have in common?

Killer home decor

A comic for dudes and ladies who are newly single and like, screw this! (HYSTERICAL!)

First Contact

I had the most incredible Gouda cheese in Cincinnati this past weekend... nothing like these

Lucky 13 ways to beat Vegas odds

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August 6, 2008

I recently started eating a healthier diet -- not
so much for my own well-being, but so if I'm ever
autopsied and they check the contents of my stomach,
the medical examiner won't think I'm a complete pig.

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Incredible short film - Historia de un Letrero (The Story of a Sign) - Thanks, Bardgal

And, in honor of the aforementioned Bardgal - check out No Sweat Shakespeare

Johnny Carson's 7 Techniques for Effective Public Speaking

This is pretty impressive - Al Franken draws a map of the United States - freehand

Pretty cool medical information site

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