Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 12, 2009

Personally, I think Nature should learn
to be a little more tolerant of vacuums.

Top of the Heap:
Sine Wave Speech - NOW I understand what R2D2 was saying!

No, wait - THIS is the Top of the Heap: Bacon Stocking Stuffers!

Another 10 Fascinating Food Facts (hint: Guess what used to be in 7-Up?)

15 Looks That David Hasselhoff Can Pull Off But You Can't

48 Essential Resources for Student Writers

Clich├ęs: Avoid Them Like the Plague

Bunnies Suicide

The Most Important Image Ever Taken

10 Wondrous Websites With Which to Waste Time at Work

Calvin and Hobbes - Snow Art

Water is the source of life - incredible photos

Movie guide to Summer, 2009

100+ websites to help you Organize Your Life

Science the way it's supposed to be - fun

Funny T-Shirt designs

Tips and Tricks with Google Maps (I particularly like the first one)

20 Movie Technologies That Should Have Been Invented By Now

The Best of Craigslist: Things I'd like to tell students that would probably get me fired.

The Top (Bottom?) 15 Worst Joker Costumes

All of the Nations of the World

The back stories to 10 Christmas songs

Most Popular Top 10's for 2008


My son just started his own version of Website Wednesday called "Jack's Sunday Paper"
Here are a few of the postings:
Build your own Solar System
Addicting Game O'the Week - Juggler
Simple Pop-Ups You Can Make

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