Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 27, 2010

As a general rule this Halloween, try not
to solve riddles that open portals to Hell.

Top of the Heap:
Learn Sarver Heart Center's Continuous Chest Compression CPR

Visual Aid for the Deep Mine Rescue in Chile (wow)

6 Death Defying Stunts (That Are Secretly Easy to Do)

A Flowchart to Determine Which Party You Will Vote For in the Next Election

The Rubix Fix - for when you REALLY have too much time on your hands

Bimbo #5 Mash Up from my good friend Tim (“I-taught-him-everything-he-knows”) Hunter

The International Space Station Comes Together (Thanks, Billy!)

How to Type in Your Own Handwriting on Your Computer

6 Sites That Help You Create Your Own Bucket List

Guide to the Top Movies of 2011

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