Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 6, 2010

It's a good thing Chad Ochocinco changed his
name before releasing a breakfast cereal.
I sure wouldn't let my kids tuck into a
milk-drenched bowl of Munchy Crunchy Johnsons.

Top of the Heap: Want to kill some time and vaporize pretty much any web page you'd like? Use Asteroids!

Simulate playing the same Lottery numbers twice a week for a year or 10. (Hint: you’ll never win)

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Your guide to pretty much all of the Halloween-themed television movie marathons, episodes and specials

Addicting Game of the Week: Bubble Shooter

A single sheet of paper

Excerpts from the 1913 book "700 Things Boys Can Do"

Ten Horrifying Display Ad Placements

The best sites for beginning iPhone users

All the information you ever wanted on religions is at The Association of Religion Data Archives

Hear snippets from hundreds of different accents at the Speech Accent Archive

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