Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11, 2009

You know, I wouldn't mind so much having
all the voices in my head if they would just
occasionally include me in the conversation.

Top of the Heap: Your keyboard has now become a drum set!!

This is incredibly awesome - unrelated YouTube videos edited together to make ThruYou

"Sixth Sense," incredibly cool stuff, until she gets to the last sentence. Wait, what??

Funny Money

Periodic Table of Cartoons

Turn your kid's closet into a space ship

Enter your zip code and see free WiFi networks nearby

Just another reason to prefer Mary Ann over Ginger - she can peel a potato!

Thought Spiderman 3 was bad? Check this out...

What a trillion dollars looks like

Imagine if your science teacher was this cool?

104 Ways to Hilariously Ruin the Watchmen Movie

1:140 Million Scale Model of the Solar System

The All-Time Top 3000 Songs

I wrote a review about this movie, but here are 10 Things People Don't Seem to Get About the Watchmen

My little brother Ivan has been busy collecting websites for submission. Check these out:
An 80-year old guy, still working 40 hours a week - selling donuts!
Screw up as a teacher in NYC and you're sent to the Rubber Room
This light bulb has been burning continuously for over 100 years - the Livermore's Centennial Light Live Cam


And, from Jack's Sunday Paper...

Top Ten Grammer Myths
Proofreading Marks

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