Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009

The only problem I have with McDonald's
"Shamrock" shakes is that when I'm
going through its Dumpster out back,
I can't always tell which ones are still good.

Top of the Heap:
A little shameless self-promotion with a Music Jukebox

Diving Deep into the Wonders of the Great Barrier Reef (AWESOME pics)

42 Unusually Brilliant Business Card Designs

8 Tips to Help You Stay Rich After You Win the Lottery

Taglines and Slogans, and which company they go with

The entire season of Carl Sagan's Cosmos, online, for free. See you in about 13 hours.

Looking for a unique gift? Try the Sound Waveform Bracelet

Free online Japanese dictionary

The Dirty Dozen - the 12 most responsible for the financial crisis

Hey! Let's have lunch under the ocean!

The Face Of A Boy Hearing For The First Time

10 Cases of Extreme Weather

A website dedicated to the paper cut received by my good friend Tim (I-taught-him-everything-he-knows) Hunter. Hang in there, Tim

Finally! Time to Make a Coffee Run - A great article on how caffeine increases performance

When it rains, it pours - How to Get a Half-Decent Cup of Caffeinated Coffee

101 Undiscovered Freebies - The List

What I Learned From Having My Laptop Stolen

How to Be the Perfect Girlfriend

StillTasty: Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide

Oh yeah - How to Fake a Clean House

A Word Map of Legal Drinking Age

Find a...
Festival -
Health Club -
Factory Tour -
Local Hiking Trails -
Pick-Your-Own Farm -
Wildlife Viewing Area -
Food Fair or Food Festival -

Earth Hour, 2009 (Click on the pictures to see them fade)

Journey into a Black Hole (I started to read about and watch these, and then my brain asploded)

The major difference between using a credit vs. debit card

Extreme Sheep LED Art (Tip O'the Hat to Grasshopper)


And, from Jack's Sunday Paper...

Star Trek vs. Star Wars (This Is Great)
Abe Lincoln's Facebook Page

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