Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 20, 2009

Nutritionists claim that you can reduce the
calories in a dish by substituting applesauce for
the fat in the recipe. Maybe I'm picky, but the
French fries I boiled in applesauce *sucked.*

Top of the Heap:
The Camera That Changed the Universe

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Wanna know how the new Star Trek film reflects the previously established continuity? Click here...

Eye Candy. Just click and enjoy. Probably better if you're a bit buzzed...

More maps than you'll ever need

The Top 8 Methods of Sneaking Out of Work Early (and Often)

100 Best Blogs for Gadget Lovers

Forget the destruction of you-know-what and the loss of you-know-who. Spock's lowest point was this:

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