Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009

You know what's funny? Stuffing your pockets with Alka
Seltzer, then jumping in the pool and screaming, "ARRRGGGGHH!!!!!
Somebody filled the pool with acid!!!" You know what's not funny?
Lifeguards. They have absolutely NO sense of humor whatsoever.

Top of the Heap:
Top 10 Kanye West Interruption Parodies

The Crystal Cave of Giants (Thanks, Kevin)

The best Kid Sites on the Internet(s)

Very possibly the best Wikipedia page, ever

Brilliant Negative Space Illustrations

Parents of the Year

Mad Science: Experiments You Can Do at Home, But Probably Shouldn't (this actually looks pretty cool)

The Top 10 Tactics for Protecting Your Stuff

The Great Geek Manual - your one-stop source for geek culture on the web. (You know who you are)

6 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Gmail

The Awesome Internet Guide to the Movie Addict

13 Things That Don't Make Sense

13 MORE Things That Don't Make Sense

11 Yearbook Photos That Musicians Wish We'd Never Seen (the last three are EPIC)

Eight Myths about the Freemasons

The Unhealthiest Food Items at Popular Chains


And, from Jack's Sunday Paper...

Let Me Google That For You
The Drama Button
National Geographic's Map Of The Universe

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