Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14, 2009

Maybe someone can explain to me why
anyone would ever hold a poetry festival
somewhere other than Nantucket.

Top of the Heap: Web Site Story (thanks, Billy!)

Four Things Everyone Needs to Know About Sharks

15 Nifty Pizza Cutters

Road Trip Tips

Instant Hallucination

Can't You See I'm Busy? Great games you can sneak in at work

10 Stunning Pumpkin Carvings

Incredibly cool pics from the International Space Station (tip O' the hat to Kevin)

Where's My Cell Phone? will dial your misplaced phone to help you locate it

In the Why-Didn't-I-Think-Of-This department, the Piece of Cake One Slice Cutter

The 9 Awesomest Things That Should've Happened This Decade

9 More Awesome Things That Should Have Happened This Decade

I hate people who have cooler toys than me - here are the Top 6 iPhone Tips and Tricks

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sexual Biology (Female Edition)

The 10 Funniest X-Files Episodes

Top 50 Jobs of the Future


And, from Jack's Sunday Paper...

The Best Birthday
Should I Forward That Email? A Flowchart
8 Reasons Why Harry Potter Is Better Than Twilight

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