Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11, 2009

Last night I ran into a girl I went out with several years
ago. She had NO idea who I was. Thank God! That
means I definitely wasn't the *worst* date she's ever had.

Top of the Heap: I love local commercials

1000 Awesome Things

A video so utterly powerful and inspiring, it causes YouTube to break apart as it plays

If Facebook merged with MySpace...

The 15 Best Man Caves

50 Common Mac Problems Solved (thanks, Paul!)

13 Excellent Mac OS X Apps That Could Be Really Useful

70 Non-Photoshopped Photos

Wow. 140 Google interview questions

Cool non-book gifts from bookstores

Apparently, French zookeepers don't have much of a sense of humor when it comes to zoo pranks

To 10 Clever Fixes for Your Broken Stuff

2012: Six End-of-the-World Myths Debunked

Still not convinced? Here's 10 MORE Reasons Why the World Won't End in 2012

Read magazines online (for free) with Maggwire

How to get away with re-gifting

9 Muppets Who Got the Boot From Sesame Street

And, from Jack's Sunday Paper...

Your Writing Font :) (It took some time but was worth it... By the way i suggest using legal sized paper)
The Wand Remote ( I Want It!!!)
Time "Line"

How To Keep An Idiot Busy

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