Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011

		I was just trying to be efficient.  Listen, if the people
		in my doctor's waiting room are going to get so upset
		about it, they should put up a sign that says, "Please 
		wait until entering the examination room before disrobing." 
Top of the Heap:  You just got Reichrolled!  I... just... PLOTZED!   (Thanks, Wills!  Good luck on your journey, pal!)

I've had it with voice activated help  (Amen.)

5 Things You Didn't Know About the TV Show Cops

Salt Water on Mars?  (Thanks, Kevin!)

New hi-tech goggles convert visual data into sound

Penny Coyne - broadcaster turned fundraiser

I, for one, welcome our new cookie-baking robot overlords

6 Famously Terrible Movies That Were Almost Awesome

Tents That Turn Into Concrete  (Thanks, Kevin!)

Interesting Banana Facts and Uses

GOP gripes about Bachmann's Crazy-Eyes pic, so Newsweek releases outtakes showing she always looks like that

SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING: Rep. Barney Frank farts during live interview

NASA discovers that humans evolved from aliens or something

"Play Monopoly, Lose a Friend." 11 Board Games Most Likely to Spark Actual Fights

Meet the man who lives in a 78 sq.ft. apartment in Midtown Manhattan

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