Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4, 2012

   You know the hangover is bad when you 
   would rather savor the spit in your mouth 
   than get up to pour yourself a glass of water.
Top of the Heap:   2012 Renewal Scorecard: List of TV Show Renewals and Cancellations  (and those on the bubble)

One Man's DIY Space Photography Has NASA Calling

Cool product - Constrained ball (Although
I do not think it means what you think it means. (Thanks, Jack!)

A See-Through 3D Desktop

7 Positive Effects of Your Horrible Lifestyle

Virtual Sistine Chapel  (Thanks, Tally!)

100 Very Cool Facts About the Human Body

The Ultimate List of Movie Drinking Games

Use the Best Tool for the Job

Barcode Yourself

Lost that User Manual?  Here y'go...

The Most Disastrous Facebook Spelling Mistakes, Ever

15 Funniest Wrong Number Texts of 2011  (some of 'em NSFW)  (Thanks, Jack!)

The 13 Greatest Geraldo Rivera Fails

Unexpected Las Vegas Attractions

Show My Street
- a fast track to Google Street View.  Gets you there (almost) before finishing typing the address

Shaken or Stirred? Was James Bond being suave, or just ordering a weak martini and being a snob about it?

Ever seen an eagle do the breast stroke?  Me neither.  (Thanks, Kevin!)

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