Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 17, 2012

            I try to live each day like it's my last.
            It's a pretty good way to live,
            except for the bad check fees.

Top of the Heap: 
In this week's "No-DUH" department: Mitt Romney's tax plan can't work, and here's why

13 Brilliant Pumpkin-Carving Hacks

8 Horror Myths Debunked (or Confirmed)

What happened The Year You Were Born? Dunno. It was still cooling back then.  (Thanks, Billy!)

The story behind the theme song from Frasier  (Turns out "tossed salad" doesn't mean what you think, after all...)

The Timeline of an Unpaid Internship

Some pretty amazing Pop Culture Finger Portraits

The 10 Best McDonald's Meals You Won't Find in the U.S.

In this week's "This-Guy's-Got-WAY-Too-Much-Time-On-His-Hands" department: The LOTR Family Tree

How to Age Your Wine 5 Years in 20 Seconds

Do Our Electronic Gadgets Really Threaten Planes? (Short answer: no.)

How Long Stuff Takes to Decompose

This has possibilities - Virtual Reality  Contact Lenses

America's Secret Weapon in the Cold War: Elvis Presley

A Historical Dictionary of American Slang

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