Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November 21, 2012

            Has anyone else noticed that the Self Checkout
            always seems to have the sexiest cashiers?

Top of the Heap: 
Judi Dench ("M") Congratulates Daniel Craig for Winning a Britannia Award.  Pure Awesome

People ask me, "Draw a _____ on the box," all the time.  Pretty impressive

Jon Stewart Mocks Secessionists with 'Stop. Don't. Come Back.'

All of James Bond's women

10 Myths About Space Travel That Make Science Fiction Better

Y'ever wonder what's the lightest metal on Earth? Me neither.  But this is it.

Time Stands Still: The Psychology of Casinos

Worst Hotel in the World

Wonder what the dirtiest thing in your house is? (Hint: it's not the toilet seat)

       Turkey Day Links

The 17 Best Thanksgiving Moments From TV And Movies

This Thanksgiving, you can Eat Like the Pilgrims or try out some Manly Ways to Prepare Turkey

The Definitive Guide to Surviving Black Friday
Are you flying to visit family for Thanksgiving? Look what's waiting for you at the 25 Worst Airports in America

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving Turkeys

43 Reasons Why You Should Stay Home on Black Friday  (Well, maybe 10...)

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