Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012

                     So Kate and William are expecting a baby, huh.
                        Wouldn’t it be cool if they named it Kong?

Top of the Heap: 
How to Sell Cars - The "Tricks" of the Trade

In this week's "This-Changes-EVERYTHING" department: Bacon SHAVING CREAM!

6 Movie Plot Holes You Never Noticed Thanks to Editing

7 MORE Movie Plot Holes You Never Noticed Due to Editing

A Personal Greeting From Santa

Just What You Always Wanted:  Instant Cosby

Your home in a snow globe
- just type in your address

How Men and Women Fly Differently

75 Amazing Sports Moments You Missed This Year

Rich Man, Poor Man - the Downside to Winning the Lottery

The Clockalypse counts down the days we have left

North Korea announces they have discovered a (wait for it...) unicorn lair

"The Hobbit" - at 48 Frames per Second  (Thanks, Susie!)

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