Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013

            If I were accepted into the Sioux Nation,
            they'd call me Dances With Overbites.

Top of the Heap:  
Beautiful, close-up underwater photos of luminous sea creatures

12 Obsolete
Technologies Americans Still Use

Facebook Isn't About Friends Anymore

10 of the World's Most Unique Movie Theaters

Here's what Pangea would've looked like with modern political borders

Shut up and take my money - 7 Incredible Amphibious Cars

The Oddest-Looking Musical Instruments on Earth

Breast Milk Lollipops (Yep. You read that right.)

Remove the background of any photo in just a few clicks

Soda or pop? Coo-pon or cyu-pon? Maps Reveal How America Speaks (Thanks, Melody!)

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