Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March 25, 2015

Website Wednesday

"Peeing like a baby on a changing table
into the brisk digital wind..."

            The first time I ever saw a universal remote control,
            I thought to myself, “Well, this changes everything.”

Top of the Heap:  22 Looks Your Best Friend Knows Better Than Anyone

Everything You Need to Know About Doughnuts

17 Facts About Coca-Cola The Company Does NOT Want You To Know

How to easily clean stove top grates

Leave it to our cousins across the Pond to develop poop-powered buses (Thanks, Melody!)

15 Jokes That Only Geologists Will Fully Understand (yeah, they're not that hard to get...)

and... 15 Jokes That Only Biologists Will Fully Understand (again, pretty easy...)

Want to Get to Know Someone? Make 'em Laugh

The Beatles Worst Experience

A guy makes phony self-help books and leaves them at a local bookstore

The Science of Near-Death Experiences

Even a Mars One finalist thinks the mission is deeply flawed

Free With Purchase: The Age of Trading Stamps

How to Survive the College Admissions Madness

Some Creepy Stuff on Google Maps

19 Brilliant Garage Hacks

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