Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 20, 2016

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                I’m betting nobody EVER called
                Steve Miller a “gangster of love.”

Top of the heap:  50 Most Anticipated Movies of the Year

Comedy Movies of 2016

(For the three jerks who won my money...) What to do if you win the Powerball Lottery

How To Easily Clean (Almost) Anything And Everything

The fastest way to defog your windows

10 Ways Air Travel Will Change in 2016

Related: Pilots and Flight Attendants Confess the 21 Dirty Secrets of Flying

In the Just-In-Case department: How to Escape From Handcuffs

13 Crucial Money-Saving Charts You Wish You Knew About Sooner

In the "What-Could-POSSIBLY-Go-Wrong?" department: Why top scientists are so worried about intelligent machines

10 Real Life MacGyver Moments That Saved Lives

50 things Donald Trump has said that simply aren't true

26 Tumblr Posts About Star Wars Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

(For BFF Donna:) Why Kylo Ren Is Wildly Misunderstood And May Be the Best Star Wars Villain Yet.  

Disney releases the Short List for who's going to be the new Young Han Solo (Wait... what?? And they left out this guy?)

A Rare Glimpse of NASA’s Otherworldly Treasures

29 Ways To Hack Your College Dining Hall

Here are the nominees for the 2016 Razzie Awards

21 new shows and movies on Netflix's slate for 2016

36 Easy Self-Improvement Tips For a Better 2016

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