Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August 23, 2017

Website Wednesday
a subsidiary of Skip's House of Chaos
(The 234,453rd Most Interesting Man in the World)

"From the Large Intestine of the Internets,

through the Sphincter of Electronic Mail,
peeing like a baby on a changing table
into the brisk digital wind..."  

                    It’s just a matter of time before they add the word “Syndrome” after my last name.

Top of the heap:  Here's what Monday's solar eclipse looked like from space

The Polish Doctors Who Used Science to Outwit the Nazis (Thanks, Rynier!)

How to Decode Your Car's Dashboard

The 33 Most Romantic Moments in TV History

Insane Food Photography That Will Blow Your Mind

Keep It Cool - a brief history of trying to beat the heat

Unusual Uses For Ziploc Bags

Psychological Facts About Female Attraction

This Simple Five-Image Test Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

6 Weirdly Specific Ideas Movies Have About Normal Bathrooms

27 Hilariously Nasty-Sounding Mushroom Species Names

The Mind-Bending Science of Awe

Keep It Cool (a brief history of trying to beat the heat)

18 space suits from science fiction, from worst to best

The History of White Supremacy in America

Five Incredibly Powerful Opening Scenes to TV Shows

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