Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 22, 2008

I bet Leonardo da Vinci was naked when he
painted the Mona Lisa. That's the same
smirk my ex had when she saw me naked.

Top of the Heap: Amazing Footage of a Technique Babies and Children Can Be Taught to Avoid Drowning

200+ Tools for Surviving the Economic Crisis

Absentee Voter Guide

How to Vote Early - a State-by-State Guide

If McCain wears this he might win

This little fella gets excited about lobsters

Tips for New Paupers

Sent in by a buncha buds - Interactive Sarah Palin as President (thanks, Barridawn & Gay)

In the "Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot" department, Ringo Starr has a serious message for us all

How far is Canada from France? The World's Strangest Geopolitical Oddities

Tips on buying a mattress (from an ex-mattress salesman)

Instant Crickets

10 Weird Psychological Studies

Creative Anniversary Calendar

Now this could come in handy - How to Stay Awake at Work

Alternately, you might try this

Move your mouse over the cow

10 Hypnotic Gadgets You Just Can't Stop Looking At (actually, I stopped looking after about 10 minutes)

Halloween Stuff

From William - Extreme Pumpkins!


Top Ten Worst Halloween "Candies"

31 Scary Movie Posters for Halloween

Ewww - creepy cakes

Yes We Carve and Barack O'Lantern Stencils

America's 8 Top Haunted Hotels

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