Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29, 2008

"Making about as much sense as a lawyer dating someone named Sue"

You know what's even better than singing
in the rain? Just about everything.

Top of the Heap: Synchronized Presidential Debating! This is AWESOME!

Designate - the EASY way to make decisions

The Oddest "As Seen on TV" Products

Documenting your vote

12 Ways You Can Safeguard Your Vote

Google Maps show you where your polling place is located

ANOTHER reason why broccoli is evil and is one of God's Three Mistakes

Survival Myths Debunked

How to Dance Like a White Dude

In the "I-REALLY-want-me-one-of-these" category - a guide to electric cars

5 Reasons Why Luke Skywalker is a Complete Idiot

15 Awesome Architectural Optical Illusions

Songs of the Charts, Charts of the Songs

The Top 50 Movie Endings of All Time

Skip Conversions (in England, a "skip" is what NORMAL people refer to as a dumpster)

I don't usually post movie trailers, but Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" looks pretty awesome

I *so* suck at math, but this made me laugh out loud. (Luis, you'll like this)

Coolest picture of a submarine you'll see all day

Ever wonder why your voice sounds differently to yourself than to others? Here's why

Change (not what you might think, but wow!)

9 Words That Don't Mean What You Think

This is interesting - MTV posts its entire video collection online - apparently free and apparently no registration required

Cool Caves - the World Beneath the World

Wow - talk about absentee ballots. If THEY can vote, so can you.



Some people call me a space cowboy. Some call me the gangster of love.
Something tells me this year's Halloween costume still needs a little work.

The Creepiest Dolls and Toys, EVER

Halloween Cakes

Some more outrageous pumpkin carving tutorials

More pumpkins (Oh, Lord...)

The Worst Pop-Culture Halloween Costumes

Powering a clean energy revolution, the Halloween Way

Ghost Towns

The 10 Worst Obama/McCain/Palin Halloween Costumes

From William - the Cylon O'Lantern

Pumpkin Simulator (tip o'the hat to my right-wing love-muffin Debbie)

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