Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010

I would like written on my tombstone: "He was a wanderer and
a thinker who acquired knowledge as vast as the worlds he traveled",
instead of the more probable "We told him it wouldn't work."

Top of the Heap:
The Coolest House I've Ever Seen

Browse and compare information about different colleges regarding affordability, diversity, and student success

12 Hiking Gizmos That Make Climbing Everest Easy

How to Make Potato Chips in the Microwave (I tried this... add a minute if the chips aren't paper-thin)

The 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes of All Time (thanks, Ashley!)

The Best Jobs in America

Try your hand at flame painting

Tricks to keep your phone's battery going and going ..

How to Turn Your Nintendo DS Into an MP3 Player

20 Annoyingly Creative Alarm Clocks

How to Track and Locate a Cell Phone

Have a favorite author? Gnooks will find others you might like

Christoph Neimann of the NY Times draws maps that illustrate concepts that aren't maps

Some different sides of Darth Vader

Brangelina photo

Why is the sky blue? Is it possible to go faster than the speed of light? Find out the answers at Usenet Physics FAQ

Where The Locals Eat- a guide to the best restaurants in the country

7 tips and tricks to be a master at Farmville on Facebook

How much should you eat? Here's a portion control cheat sheet

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