Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

It seems like just yesterday I was vowing to not
make any more jokes about short-term memory loss.

Top of the Heap:
Top 100 April Fools Pranks and Gadgets

Moogaloop. WOW! (Thanks, Billy)

Evolution of the International Space Station (tip o'the hat to Debb!)

The 10 Most Creative Uses for BACON!

8 Foods That Fight Stress

The A to Z of Awesomeness

10 of the Greatest Magic Tricks Ever

How to find the best chocolate, bar none!

23 Things to Do With a Thumb Drive

Psst... wanna skip annoying phone trees for hundreds of companies' 800 numbers and connect direct? Try Fonolo

The Most Badass Alphabet, EVER!

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