Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 7, 2010

I am the bridge-jumping friend that
your parents warned you about.

Top of the Heap:
Clear, no-nonsense response of what the Health Care Bill means for you


LBJ orders hisself some pants (Thanks, George!)

Wanna fly on the Vomit Comet? Got an extra 7 thousand bucks? Can I have some of that?

Want to make your resume look like it was done by an amateur? Here's how

Addicting Game of the Week: No matter where you work, this game is safe to play

In honor of Geek Week - 10 Toys a Grown Up Geek Would Love

More Geek Week stuff - The Geek's Guide to Getting Girls

Find tons of theme park brochures and maps at Theme Park Brochures

5 Tax Myths

Instant bartender with Mix the Drink

The Top 10 Coaching Scandals in College Sports (Thanks, Kaitlyn)

Enter a word and the talking online dictionary Howjsay will pronounce it for you

5 Quotes That Can Change Your Life

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