Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

I'm beginning to think people on reality
shows are really the smart ones, since
you never catch them watching reality shows.

Top of the Heap: Google has put up a Crisis Response Page in the aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami(s) in Japan

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Tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen? This Firefox and Chrome Add-On Erases Charlie Sheen from the Internet

(Cadbury Creme) Egg anyone's house with the Cad-a-Pult

11 Reasons Why Quidditch Kinda Sucks

How Vain is YOUR City? (Crap - LA didn't even make it to the Top Ten!) (Thanks, Barridawn!)

So theoretically, if you COULD kill and eat a Tyrannosaurus Rex, it'd taste like...? You guessed it!

10 Greatest Works of Graffiti Guerrilla Marketing

What happens when a chubby kid finally snaps at a high school bully (Yes-s-s-s-s!)

50 Common Latin Phrases Every College Student Should Know

Send a fax for free to anywhere in the US and/or Canada with FaxZero

Hobo Signs

The Bestest Hiding Place EVER! How to make your own Door Stash!

A History of Daylight Savings Time

6 Supervillain Devices You Can Make at Home

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