Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012

  If I were a NASCAR driver, I'd switch on my left-turn 
  signal every so often just to confuse the competition. 
Top of the Heap:  From the guy who invented the "Breathe-Right" Nasal Strips...

College Humor tackles Battlestar Galactica (the good one)  (Thanks, Tally!)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Moon

12 Things That Will Be Less Expensive in 2012

Stephen Hawking Understands Everything.  Except Women

USC’s Ski and Snowboard Team Thrashes Mammoth Mountain

The Big Question for 2012: Was There Ever Life on Mars?

Hair of the Dog: Now man's best friend can enjoy a pint and a Sunday roast as pub introduces beer for canines

Failed Flavors of Popular Snack Foods

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