Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17, 2013

                I tried searching Google for “Lost Medieval Servant
                Boy.”  -  It told me “This Page Cannot Be Found.”

Top of the Heap:  21 Important Diagrams to Help You Get Through Life

Top 10 Cooking Tips

Why the Mantis Shrimp is My New Favorite Animal

Game of Thrones Actors Doing Normal Stuff is So Weird

Vatican City, Explained

Camping (Thanks, Will!)

The Complete History of False Threats From North Korea

Behind the Scenes of the World's Largest Cruise Ship

7 Billion People on One Page
.  I'm there, you're there - see if you can find yourself!

Department of Redundancy Department - 11 Totally Redundant Place Names

I knew it! I KNEW it! Women are better off without bras.  Science says so.

Video: North Korea Threatens to Strike Colorado Springs - but can't find Colorado Springs

Nine Things You Probably Didn't Know About Swear Words

Reasons Why Playing Outside Makes Children Smarter

The Surprisingly Serious Quest to Make Muggle Quidditch a Real Sport

How to Become a Dolphin Whisperer

Four-Billion Pixel Panorama Lets You Explore Mars As If You Were Standing Next to Curiosity

Experience the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

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