Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013

        I’ve started a new business, delivering hot

        drinks straight to the customer.  However,

        I’ve been advised to change the name of

        the company. Apparently, people might be

        put off by the links to crappy service and

        reliability problems. It’s a shame, too. 

        I thought Tea-Mobile had a nice ring to it.

Top of the Heap:  
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Top of the Heap, the Next Generation:  10 Smart Reads on the Boston Marathon Bombing
Top of the Heap, The Wrath of Bacon:  Bacon Mistakes to Avoid: How to Cook Bacon(Thanks, Melody!)

Have you ever asked yourself, "What happens if you wring a washcloth out in Space?"  Me neither. But the result is impressive.

Is Disneyland Getting a Star Wars Land?

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Anti-Rape Lingerie

Y'ever wonder exactly what Bitcoin is?  That one slipped by me, too.

How Star Wars Killed Smart Sci-Fi Cinema

10 Illegal Things to Do in London

Ever thought, "Hey, it's the 21st Century! Where's my flying cars?"  Here.

Applicants Wanted For a One-Way Ticket to Mars  (Do you think they'd accept nominations?)

What 47 Actors From Your Favorite Childhood Movies Look Like Now

In the "Oh-THIS-Could-Come-In-Handy" department: How to get rid of that tune that's stuck in your head - the dreaded Earworm

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Interesting: How Apple Lost Its Cool (and How It Can Win It Back)

The 8 Incredibly Gross Powers Superman Doesn't Even Realize He Has (this one had me on the floor)

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