Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014

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"From the Large Intestine of the Internets, 
 through the Sphincter of Electronic Mail..."

                    I was a bed wetter when I was a little
                    kid, but I did it on purpose. I figured
                    that even a monster wouldn't want to live
                    under a mattress that smells like pee.

Top of the Heap: 
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I laughed way-y-y too much at this one: Grandma Gets a Bikini Wax

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7 Tips for Building the Best Snow Fort Ever

A LOT more interesting than it sounds - a match igniting in slow-motion

For the person who has everything - the Nicodemus Coffin Bed

How to Live Hangover-Free For the Rest of Your Days

2013 National Geographic Photography Contest Winners

A Virtual Drive Around Iceland

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