Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 13, 2011

  It occurs to me that the phrase "righty tighty,
  lefty loosey" applies equally well to politics.

Top of the Heap:   The 13 Most Common Brain Farts

Do You Remember These? (Then you're freakin' OLD!)

How to Make Everything OK

People who were banned from Saturday Night Live

Mmmm, artery-clogging goodness with turtle burgers

7 "Ancient" Forms of Mysticism That Are Recent Inventions

"One of the biggest challenges you're gonna face in your life is how to fold a fitted sheet..."  Yup.

A collection of Drinking Games (the only ones I can remember are "Cardinal Puff" and "Fuzzy Duck")

What do engineers do when they get bored?  Create an EXCELLENT Rube Goldberg machine! (Thanks, Billy!)

Yet another one from my right-wing love muffin Billy - a Century of Sports

6 Lies About the Human Body You Learned in Kindergarten

10 Cheap Date Ideas She’ll Actually Love.  Hmmmm.

The Harry Potter Corn Maze (Maize Maze?)

Related: the Hogwarts Cake, created for the New York premiere of ...  well, you know....

New video of the tsunami in Japan... coming straight toward you!  (Thanks, Billy!)

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