Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 20, 2011

  Every once in a while I stop and think, 
                "I know you can read my thoughts."  
                      You know. Just in case. 
Top of the Heap:   Incredibly cool 360° panoramic picture of the Space Shuttle Discovery's flight deck

Another Top of the Heap:   The Top 100 Images taken from the Hubble Space Telescope

Top 10 Real World Easter Eggs and Cheat Codes

10 Fascinating Facts About Phone Numbers

Got a hangover?  Try a bacon sandwich!

15 Foods That Could Survive the Apocalypse

The Top 10 Invented Languages (Gee, just guess which clocked in at number one)

Over this past weekend NASA's Dawn became the first spacecraft to orbit a main-belt asteroid (Thanks, Kevin)

  Students create a Jedi Robot that can duel humans. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Take a guess what rating Rotten Tomatoes gave Sarah Palin's film The Undefeated.  Go ahead.  Guess.

7 Strange Ways Harry Potter is Now Real

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