Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 6, 2011

  How come those fans that move their 
  heads back and forth are "oscillating," 
  but when I watch tennis I have to say 
  I'm "moving my head back and forth?" 
          Hey, I'm a fan, too. 

Top of the Heap:   7 Pieces of Good News Nobody is Reporting

Where are YOU going to be on Monday, August 21, 2017?  I, for one, will be in the path of the next Solar Eclipse

A 360° zoomable panoramic view of Paris (Thanks, Jack!)

The Science of Pie.  Mmmmm, pie.

Dunno how to explain Twisted Sifter - just a pretty cool site and worth a visit or two

Almost Cast:  Who Lost Iconic Roles?

The One Billion Dollars That Nobody Wants (Well, hell.... I'll take it if nobody else wants it!)

Night vision contact lenses?    Forget that.  When are they gonna invent contact binoculars for the beach?

5 Acts of Nature
That Rearranged the Face of the Planet

Michelle Bachman - Try Not to Laugh

Qwiki is an Interesting new search engine

Looking for an exotic adventure locale for your next vacation?  Try The Cool Hunter

Vampires, A to Z

Explaining the Psychology of Comfort Food

This Saturday, the date being 7-9-11, is Odd Day

Have you ever wondered what's living in your belly button?  Me neither.

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