Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

      Me: let me sleep
       Brain: lol, no, let's stay awake and remember every stupid decision you made in your life
       Me: okay

Top of the Heap:  The 25 Most Memorable Moments in TV History

Great Punch Buggy Ads From the 60's

Six Ridiculous Myths You Believe About Stuff You Use Every Day

The Most Controversial Banned iPhone Apps

Why We Should Absolutely Not STFU About College Costs

Fall Movie Preview

Gorgeous Pictures of the South Pole on Mars
The Truth About Cow Tipping

A Map of the Best (and the Worst) Internet Connections in America

In this week's "Aw-w-w-w-w" department - the Woodland Park Zoo's Baby Giraffe Cam! (Thanks, Melody!)

The History of Meh...

Google's 15th Birthday: 15 Things You (probably) Didn't Know

The 20 Big Questions in Science

11 Crazy Soda Flavors You (Thankfully) Won't Find in the US

Ever wanted to Rent the Chicken? Now you can.

Ever wanted to write your name in runes? (Me neither)

Disturbing and Dangerous Childhood Toys

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