Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013

            I don't like the idea of killing any of God's
            creatures, so when I clean my bathroom with Lysol,
            I dilute it. That way, the germs don't die,
            they just stumble around and throw up and stuff.

Top of the Heap: 
This is hysterical - Surviving Whole Foods  (Tip O'the hat to all who sent this to me!)

Y'ever wonder why pirates wore eye patches? (That's a har-r-r-r-r-rd one...)

Real Life Hidden Treasures That You Could Still Find

10 Fascinating Facts About Costco!iJUMj

5 Fascinating Facts About Bacon (Mmmm, bacon) (Thanks, Melody!)

nIce Mug - A Reusable Mold That Creates a Drinking Mug Made of Ice (Thanks again, Mel!)

Putting Time Into Perspective (And yet another thanks
to Melody!)

Examples of Clever Packaging

Just how long can people live?

20 Uniquely Brilliant Business Cards

A Free Tour of the World's Most Expensive Holiday Resort

The Dark Side of Peter Pan!jBk1t

Five Years After the Mortgage Meltdown, Those Responsible Are Doing Just Fine

and, finally...

An Ode to the Snarky Sidekick

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